Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sarah's Visit

On the feast of our Mother St. Clare, Sarah came to visit as part of her observance of our aspirancy program.  Here she is shown having recreation in the parlor with our novitiate Sisters.  From left to right:  Novice Sister Angelique, Aspirant Sarah (in the extern parlor—you can see her through our cloister grille), Novice Sister Elise and Postulant Walta who just graduated from the aspirancy to become a Postulant.  Aspirancy begins after an applicant’s papers have been handed in and she has been given a date to enter our community.  Another three months of aspirancy continue inside the enclosure during which the candidate wears a simple white veil, white blouse and dark skirt.  Upon becoming a Postulant, she receives a short black veil, brown vest and skirt.  Sarah hopes to enter in January after she works at fundraising for the Laboure society which will help her to pay her college debt.  We are counting the days until Christine’s entrance on September 12.  Mary is in the last stages of getting her papers together and hopes to enter at the end of December.  Keep all these earnest young people in your prayers!


Emma said...

Praying for these vocations to your community! What a blessing.

Ester Regina said...

Thank you for your prayers! God bless you.