Friday, January 4, 2013

Mary's Entrance

Mary entered our community on Sunday.  Here are photos that her family took of her entrance:   

Mary embraced by her two sisters before she enters

Mary kneels at the enclosure doors asking to enter
View of the community presenting Mary to the Lord


1carmelitelover said...

How lucky Mary is! So many times, as much as I dearly love my husband, I feel as though my life isn't as important in God's eyes because I can't become a Poor clare and be a "bride of Christ".

Ester Regina said...

Since God called you to image His trinitarian love by your faithful love relationship with your husband, your life is every bit as important in His eyes as that of a Poor Clare bride of Christ. The two vocations complement each other and both are necessary on this side of eternity. God bless you!

Olivia E. said...

Oh, how beautiful! God bless you and keep you, Mary. I hope that in some coming year, it will be I, humbly asking to enter into the Benedictines of Mary's Convent.