Friday, November 8, 2013

All is Ready for Erin's Investiture!

All is ready for Erin’s investiture tomorrow.  Or, at least all is ready as it is ever going to be.  The ceremony will take place after Holy Mass, here in our Chapter Room.  Mother and Erin will sit before the altar for the first part, which is a para-liturgy of a biblical reading, psalm and then an exhortation by Mother Abbess on the spirit of our Holy Order.  Then begins the investiture proper when Erin is slowly transformed from a postulant to a novice.

From left to right clockwise:
headcovering, basket and scissors for cutting hair, breviary,
 flower crown and pins, handkerchief, Franciscan Cord 
Here is my table with everything I need to give to Mother for the clothing of a novice except the habit tunic (that is on a separate tray to be blessed at Mass).  As Novice Mistress, I am also “Mistress of Ceremonies” with all the responsibility that implies.  If something goes wrong, it will probably be my fault.  Several times today I have practiced and I think I have it memorized:  Take off shoes, give habit, cord, scissors, headcover, breviary, crown, crucifix.  I know when Erin is supposed to sit, stand, kneel.  I will be ready to give a gentle press of the hand if necessary.

When all has been accomplished, Mother will give Erin a new name which she will carry with her for the rest of her religious life.  All the Sisters will be leaning forward with anticipation and mounting excitement.  At this writing, no one knows except Mother and God Himself.  Check back here tomorrow to find out!


Perpetua said...

Prayers for tomorrow from across the Atlantic.

Vanessa M said...

We are so excited for Erin! We keep checking for updates!

Vanessa and Cindy

Anonymous said...

May God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost and our Immaculate Mother Mary grant her the grace of perseverance.