Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sarah on Retreat

Blessed Feast of our  Father St. Francis!  It is a beautifully sunny autumn day in Virginia, a truly wonderful day to sing the praises of God for His creation in the spirit of our Seraphic Father.  Another reason for joy is that this year our celebration includes the anticipation of the Investiture of our Postulant Sarah.  That blessed day is not far off.  Sarah is now on retreat to prepare for her transformation to take place on Tuesday, the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.    We join her in prayer.  Visit us again on Tuesday or Wednesday to find out her new name and perhaps see a few pictures!  Here she is today:


Emily C. Hurt said...

Praying for Sarah!

(her old roommate from college...she's my best friend)

Anonymous said...

Praying and thinking of you Sarah as you take this next step.
Knowing our dear lord will shower you with many graces, looking forward to seeing the name our Lord has choosen for you.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you Sarah on this most glorious day of your investiture.

What you hold may you always hold.
What you do, may you always do and never abandon.
But with swift pace, light step and unswerving feet,
so that even your steps stir up no dust,
Go forward, the spirit of our God has called you.

Love and prayers,