Sunday, May 8, 2016

Newness for Young and Old

We have good news to share on this Mother’s Day.  Our Postulant Cecilia will receive the habit of our Mother St. Clare on June 22nd, the day Poor Clares call “Covenant Day”.  The story goes that when enemy soldiers were climbing the walls of St. Clare’s cloister, she appealed to the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament who responded with the voice of a child, “I will always take care of you”.  The soldiers immediately fled.  Not only for St. Clare, but for all her daughters, the Lord has fulfilled His promise throughout the ages.

As Cecilia takes another step on her Poor Clare journey, our elders are now aided in taking their steps outside with a newly constructed handicap ramp.  Here they are shown trying it out for the first time with even able bodied Sisters taking part.

Sister Mary Christine leads the way

Coming back.


Maura said...
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Maura said...

This is wonderful news and a blessing for your community