Saturday, July 2, 2016

Introducing our New Novice...

Sister Laetitia of the Merciful Heart of Jesus!
On June 22nd, which Poor Clares all over the world celebrate as “Covenant Day”, Mother Abbess gave the Holy Habit of St. Clare to Postulant Cecilia, transforming her into our newest novice.  We were all agreed that the name was perfectly chosen for this year of Mercy. 

Above is a collage of pictures taken of the transformation.
The center picture is of Sister Laetitia after receiving the white veil of a novice.
Then going around clockwise from upper left:

Two novices!  Old Sister Veronica Mary who is looking forward to her First Profession with Sister Laetitia and lonely Postulant Kathryn.  But next month Kathryn will have a postulant companion.

Kathryn and Sister Laetitia exchanging the Pax.

Mother Abbess placing the Habit over the bride and Sister Margaret Mary waiting to help.

Sister Margaret Mary and the Bride

Postulant Cecilia passing on the flame to her Sisters.

The cutting of the hair: a Poor Clare’s sacrificial offering.

Sister Margaret Mary, recently appointed as Novice Mistress, did very well in her first time role of assisting Mother at the Investiture ceremony.  It is lovely now to have two novices leading our monastic processions like the angels of the Resurrection.  Being of similar height and girth, they are a matching set.

Meanwhile, life continues on a more mundane, but not less eventful level.  The gardens are flourishing, producing flowers and vegetables in abundance.  The Sister in charge of the vegetable field wrote a poem about a special moment experienced when picking zucchini:

Zucchini Picking
Bending low I see
Orange-yellow stars aglow
In a firmament of green,
Open fully now
To the pollinating bee.
Florescent beauty
By the busy one unseen:

A nectar-fill for her-
Instilling hope for me.


Anonymous said...

Peace and holy perseverance, Sister Laetitia! Pray for me.

Donna Baird said...

Many blessing Sister

Maura said...

You are very blessed and I pray for those discerning their vocation with your community. My prayers too for Sarah Meier, that she may be led to where she is meant to be. Please pray for me as I discern with a Poor Clare community in the UK

Anonymous said...

Many blessings and graces be upon you all on this wonderful day.
I will ask our Lady to place all you sisters under her mantle to take loving care of you and all your family's for your offering of your lives and prayers on our behalf.
I know my life is blessed because of it.
What a beautiful name our dear Lord has chosen for Sister Laetitia

Doreen Jachimowski said...

How beautiful! You lend yourselves to our Most High to be the beautiful lilies he created for His own pleasure! May God bless you all richly as you deserve! Your friend in His cross, (Sr) Doreen