Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nun Run 2012

This weekend we hosted a Nun Run consisting of members of several local youth groups.  They also visited the Nashville Dominican Sisters and Immaculate Heart of Mary Sisters.  These girls and young women were a wonderful group and we pray for their continuing discernment!  I am taking the picture from the cloister side in our parlor :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hope Does Not Disappoint

My Mom and Dad at the reception following my Solemn Profession
April 23, 1984

May God bless and reward all of my dear friends, for your expressions of sympathy at the passing into eternal life of my mother, and especially for your prayers.  The Sisters here have all been so very kind in their expressions of sisterly love, and it has been good that we have been on retreat so that I have had extra time to pray and to mourn.  The day after the funeral, I was standing on our infirmary porch just before Terce and I was graced to see a rainbow, the sign of hope.  Here is the poem I wrote to commemorate the event:

Hope Does Not Disappoint
September 2, 2012

My mother sent me a rainbow today.
How, you say, do I know it was she?
Well, her funeral was yesterday,
So now from her place in eternity
She sees how heavenly splendor speaks to me:

By the sun, a seraphim with fiery wings,
Or the cherub moon’s more reflective light,
The mysterious clouds heralding wonderful things,
And by eagle-angels in their courtly flight.

I’m sure that Dad was eager to explain
To Mom the art of bending rays of breaking dawn.
She guided them through the prism mist of rain
Until a perfect arc of layered light was drawn

Upon the parchment of an expectant sky.
“Honey, I’m safe.”-The message plain.
Glistening hope was my reply.