Sunday, June 28, 2015

To Be More: A Lesson From a Pollen Covered Bumble Bee

Last week's bumble bee inspired this little poem:

To Be More

My love is living in the lilied being,
Fragrancing the flower from its core.
He calls through petal lattices entreating
Me, the bumble bee, to come, be more.

He tumbles me in dusty, depths of gold.
Silently, I sip His hundredfold,
Then lift from lily lip into the light,
A glinting hum of glory and delight.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Garden Update

It has been awhile since I have given a Poor Clare Garden Update.  Here are some recent pictures of this year's vegetable garden:

Potatoes on the far left
Cucumbers at center
"Volunteer Row" (Where we deposited our kitchen compost) on the far right


Zucchini and Yellow Squash
Beyond the gate is our new section,
planted with Buckwheat as a soil builder

So far we have harvested lots of Asparagus, some Kale, Beets, and Lettuce.  The Squash and Zucchini have lots of flowers with fruit already beginning to form.  Green Beans, Tomatoes, Eggplant are up and coming.  Potato greens are beginning to die off so harvest is just around the corner.  Butternut Squash will be planted next week, God willing, along with a second planting of Green Beans.  Our roto-tiller is ailing so our friend Joe has been called to fix it along with our push mower.  While I was watering this morning, a bumble bee, covered with orange yellow pollen, stopped to watch.  Yes, summer is here!  Happy Father's Day to all our Dads!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Tibi Dixit: Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Our Sacred Heart Statue
in the back of our choir

One of the Easter introit chants, "Tibi Dixit" (To you my heart has spoken:  Seek His face...) has a certain beat to it that reminded me of the beating of the human heart.  So I wrote this poem with an attempt to imitate that cordial rhythm.  On this Solemnity of the Sacred Heart, may all our hearts beat in unison with His.

Tibi Dixit

To you my heart is speaking,
Murmuring and beating,
Necessity in seeking
Your face, your face

Humanity deleting
Your face, effaced,
Sweating, swollen, bleeding,
Divinity disgraced,
And all, in all conceding.

Shall pulse rate pause or race
Your face to see?
With me your heart is pleading:
Hide not your face
From me.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Hidden hearth

On the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ, we re-visit the mystery of Holy Thursday and our Lord's gift of the Eucharist.  Above is this year's Holy Thursday Repository.  Below is a Poem written many years ago by our Sister Mary Agnes at a time when we had a very small altar in a small monastic choir for our daily adoration.

The Hidden Hearth

When six flickering flames
Gradually hush the quiet noise of intellect.
Beacon home the wandering heart
            To rest in You;

When dawn-light eases dark from this room,
Earnest with the stillness of prayer,
These walls become the walls of the world
            Over Your house of gold.

Listening, I know Your love is
            Greater far than our desire,
Great enough to take the look
Of bread and weakness
            To be our food and power.

Godhead gazing from this open door,
You know what destinies hinge
            On this hearth fire gathering,
What sparks fly to kindle new fire
            Across the face of earth.

What You do to unresisting
            Wheat and wine,

            O, Work in us.