Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Prayers

Blessed Easter to one and all!  Here are the Prayers of the Faithful that were offered in our chapel on this glorious feast of the Resurrection:
  1. That the joy glowing on the face of Holy Mother Church this day may be a clear witness to a sad and suffering world that Christ is risen--truly He is risen!
  2. That secular rulers, who would again crucify the Lord of glory, may come to the empty tomb of Christ and see there how vain are all their ways.
  3. That Jesus, who descended into the depths of the nether would, may again bring His message of peace to those who languish in the hell of abuse, addiction or oppression of any kind.
  4. That we who have died with Christ may cast aside whatever wrappings of death that still cling to us, and go forth to proclaim by word, and especially by deed, that suffering has a purpose, sorrow has an end, and that true love will always rise again!

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