Sunday, December 2, 2012

First Sunday of Advent 2012

Happy New Year!  No, I am not early, for today is the first day of the Church’s liturgical year.  I just got used to remembering that we were in Year B for the Sunday readings and today we begin Year C!  Yesterday we made our large Advent Wreath that stands in the middle of our monastic refectory (where we eat together).  At the beginning of our meals we observe the ancient custom of lighting a candle in honor of Christ our Light who is to come.  In the evening, each Sister takes a turn offering an advent prayer.  Here will be tonight’s prayer:

Blessed are You, O Jesus, our Savior, and our only hope.

Jesus, You are the rising flame dispelling every darkness.
Enlighten our heavy winter night.

Jesus, You are the descending heavenly dew.
Melt away our hoary, morning frost.

Jesus, You are the ever green standing amid the naked woods.
Wreathe our noon-day death in Your all fragrant life,
as we await the blessed advent of Your incredible spring.  Amen.

Blessed Advent Season to one and all!

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