Monday, August 12, 2013

St. Clare 2013

Along with being Sunday, yesterday was observed by us as the Solemnity of our Mother St. Clare. Here are the petitions that were offered at Holy Mass:

That Po
pe Francis may lead the church into the wilderness of Holy Poverty where she will be able to respond to Jesus as in the days of her youth and be again espoused to Him in right, Justice, love and mercy. (cf. Hos. 2:16ff)

That those in positions of authority may keep their eyes fixed on eternal values, and so like St. Clare, they may wield their power only for the good of those under their care.

That the afflicted and persecuted may not lose heart as they see their outward self wasting away, but may be filled with faith and hope, knowing that the life of Jesus is being manifested in them and that they are being prepared for an eternal weight of glory. (cf. 2Cor. 4:6ff)

That through the intercession of our Mother St. Clare, we along with all our friends, family, benefactors and loved ones, may live ever more deeply in the love of Christ the True Vine, so that we may be fruitful branches bearing abundant life for the Church and the whole world. (cf. Jn. 15:4-10)

Today we continue our celebration. Franciscans are experts in celebrating, so we take two days for our Foundress and then again for our Founder St. Francis on October 4 and 5.

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