Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fourth of July Pictures

Postulant Mary, Postulant Erin,  Novice Sister Angelique, Novice Mistress Clare, Postulant Sarah

 We still have one of those non-digital cameras that uses real film needing to be developed.  It takes us a while to fill up an entire roll.  So here we are at the end of September looking at pictures taken on the Fourth of July.  But they were worth waiting for!  Above is our novitiate with their novice mistress standing in our large courtyard.  Some are holding burnt out sparklers.  These are fireworks considered safe for us!

Here are our two Sisters from India.  Sister Prabha holds a live sparkler and Sister Joyce smiles beside her.  Of course, fireworks originated in Asia, so ours "safe" kind are rather anti-climatic for them!  They do big time fireworks for New Year's, but are happy to join us for American Independence Day.

Sister Pius and Sister Jean-Colette look on with approval!


Phoenix Paradiso said...

Such wonderful pictures! It was a pleasure meeting Sister Prabha. :D God bless!

Perpetua said...

How lovely to see your novitiate flourishing.

Greeting from an Anglican Third Order Franciscan from across the Atlantic.