Sunday, December 29, 2013

God's Poetry-A Tribute to the Infant Jesus

Our Sanctuary Creche

On this Feast of the Holy Family, I ask God to bless all of our families with His Christmas Peace!  I also offer here a poem by one of our novices that she shared on Christmas Day:

God’s Poetry—A Tribute to the Infant Jesus

O Wisdom of eternity, You Who made the stars, Who tamed the sea out of chaos and formed the molded land. You struck your flame in barren sky and breathed upon it life.  Your infant world You then adorned with all created beauty.  And all things had their being from the image of Your Eyes.

O Ancient Lord of Israel, You Who fashioned man, Who knit together flesh and sinew and built up bone and rib.  O Adonai, You placed in him Your Spirit, the noble gift of mind, and raised up Your own children, descended from Your Love.  You taught them your Divinity and guided them by laws, until someday Your people should fully resemble You.  You set man on the wings of greatness, till he should soar, and share the glory of 
Your Magnificent Goodness.

O Lovely Rose, O Beautiful Child, O Perfect Flower blossoming from Adam’s seed.  The fertile lands and radiant seas were wed with galaxies of stars to form the womb who’s labors bring forth the Son of God.  Time was made to be your cradle, and all creation to be the mirror of Your Face.  On the blanket of eternal Love was inscribed Your Name: Jesus our Salvation.  You are our Reality, the Joy of our existence.

O Gate of Grace, O Royal Key, God chained in human limbs to make the captives free.  Child of Light, in the darkness of sin You are our protection.  My Bridegroom, My only Love, You’ve made Your nuptials beneath the veil of death and in the tomb of pain.  From the abyss of our despair, desolation and delusion, you wed our ugliness and have pity on our shame.  In the embrace of Your Mercy you kiss our wizened face and lift our deathlike countenance unto Your glorious realm.

O Oriens, O Morning Star, O Dawn of Heavenly Light, You are gentleness of dewdrops upon the rolling fields.  Like rain of silver shimmering, You rest upon the fleece; You justice and Your peace are the white light of grace.  The splendor of Your Kingdom is flush upon Your Cheeks.  Robed in glory of Your Holiness, You are the Prince of Peace.

Yes, O Tiny Child, born so small and weak, You are the Prince of Peace.  Transformed your soft white baby’s skin, weaved by Virgin Pure, becomes the bloody Sacrifice, our newborn Paschal Lamb.  Destined to be the nations’ King, You are the Mighty God.  Drawn from heaven on angels’ wings to the hard bed of the Cross.  Rest now, swathed in mother’s mantle and filled with virginal milk.  The cold is but a foretaste of Your Love’s Bitter Cup.

O Emmanuel, our only Hope, the Luster of our race.  Your precious tears our ransom paid with song of our repentance.  You are the Gift of Reconciliation, and the seal of Love.  ‘Neath Bosom of the Triune God You are the Spring of Blessings, the Way of Truth, of understanding, the Source of all perfection.  You, O Little Jesus, are Alpha and Omega, beginning and the end.  For You was set the course of stars and cosmos spinning journey; and shrouded round you lays the dense mantle of eternal Mystery.

Worthy is the Lamb Who was slain to receive power and might, wisdom and strength, honor and glory and praise.  Before You the mountains shall bow, the cedars of Lebanon shall bend their branches, and the streams shall leap like the yearling hind.  The valleys shall flow with the milk and honey of Your Name, and the seas shall prostrate before You.  All created majesty shall rise like roaring flame… just to adorn Your Feet.

Precious child, Treasure of my heart, Holy Presence, Sacrament of Love.  It is You Who are Reality, You are Life itself, and in Your Father’s splendid poem, written just for You, 
He has written me.

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