Friday, January 3, 2014

Blessed New Year!

Our Sanctuary resplendent in poinsettias donated by our benefactors

Blessed New Year to all from Bethlehem Monastery!  I share here a poem by one of our Sisters, looking forward to Sunday's feast of Epiphany:

Gifts for the Magi

His Only Begotten given
In marriage to mankind
The Eternal Father looks afar to find
Men of faith on earth
That He might kindle fire in their hearts
To celebrate this humble birth.

From Orient He calls His guests,
Come, come to the wedding feast.

The firmament He sets ablaze,
Speaks within of mysteries
Hidden from the wise;
A new star their sacrament
In the skies.

            Toward Israel—
            O quick to believe—
            Seek the young Emmanuel.

What prize blest
Yours who leave each familiar thing
On mad search for a poor Jew King?
The awful, fled Face of every man’s quest,
Waiting, small on His Mother’s breast,
            And brighter than your star!
O drink the wine of Mary’s liquid lullaby.

Her Son adore,
            Breathless telling pour
Into wondering heart for store
            Only briefest rest.

            Then across the sands’
            Back to your oblivion,
For escort—indelible vision,
Remembered feel of God in hands,
Soft pulsing through swaddling bands;
A woman’s song to buoy the years;
Taste of His Name
            Under salt of tears
In homelands
            Never quite the same.

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