Sunday, April 27, 2014

Divine Mercy Sunday

Our Divine Mercy Shrine
set up in our sanctuary all day
Exposition in the background
Relic of Pope St. John Paul II

On this Divine Mercy Sunday, made especially wonderful for the canonization of Pope St. John 23rd and Pope St. John Paul II, I want to share the petitions written and proclaimed at our Holy Mass by one of our Sisters:

That the joyous thanksgiving and the exultant jubilation of this glorious day in Rome and throughout the world over the canonization of two beloved popes will bear fruit in holiness of life and the salvation of souls.

That the good shepherd, John the 23rd , who had the courage to inaugurate the Second Vatican Council, will intercede from his high place in heaven for correct understanding and implementation of its luminous documents.

That Pope St. John may obtain with his prayers a continuation of ecumenical dialogue and an end to racial, national or cultural prejudice, discrimination and violence.

That through the prayers and example of the great John Paul II, a new generation of enthusiastic youth will emerge in every nation.  May he hear the shout resound from every quarter:  John Paul Two, we love you!

That there will be an outpouring of Divine Mercy from the opened floodgates of God’s tenderness on the sick and dying, poor and homeless, and all afflicted in body, soul, and spirit.

That all of us here will receive that spark of grace which will ignite in us a deep desire and determination to think, speak and act in a Christ-like manner and one day to join the company of holy men and women in our heavenly homeland.

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