Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Devotions at Bethlehem Monastery

 During the month of May, we gather before our evening recreation period to offer, each in turn, a prayer to our Lady before one of her statues.  On the last day of this Marian month, the feast of the Visitation, I share with you one of our Sisters' prayers.  It is in the form of a poem, written by the Blessed Mother herself.

A Poem by Mary Mother of God

Carry on my wayward daughter, dove.
There is peace when you are done.
Lay your weary head to rest.
Though the dress upon my breast
Has long been soaked
With all your tears.
I never tire of your coming,
So carry on toward my Son,
O wayward daughter, dove.
And as you lie
With desperate cling unto my feet
I take your face
And look you squarely in the eye
To never leave my arms embrace,
O wayward daughter, dove.
One day you’ll no more cry.
So carry on with might and love.
I know well your abyss of pain and need.
I want it there so you will heed
And know
O ceaseless seeking one,
That there is not much
That can content you in this world
Except the Person of my shining Son.
O wayward daughter I do call and keep
You on that road to peace
Where death will see my Son out-shining.

Until then I carry you.

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