Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sister Elise to Make Solemn Vows

The Holy Spirit appears on the wall of our Refectory with His Seven Fold Gifts!

Blessed Solemnity of Holy Pentecost!  Today we celebrate the birthday of the Church, when the Holy Spirit came down upon the community of the Apostles and disciples gathered around our Lady in prayer.  Each year we believe that this same Holy Spirit fills the hearts of believers in a renewed outpouring of Divine Love to enable us to fulfill our mission to bring Christ to the world.

Sister Elise on the day of her Sacred Promises
On the vigil of this great day the Holy Spirit overshadowed our community and manifested His will that our dear Sister Elise should make her Solemn Vows as a finally professed Poor Clare on July 29th, Feast of St. Martha.  If you have not already seen our videos of Sister Elise at her other stages of formation, here are the links:

Sr. Elise Investiture:

Sr. Elise Sacred Promises:

“Ordinary Time” which begins on Monday is going to be far from ordinary for us!  We are preparing now for Mary’s Investiture on June 28th, then July 29th we have Sister Elise’s Solemn Vows, and August 15th will see the entrance of our Aspirant Cecilia.  Another aspirant is also coming soon.  Will let you know when her date is finalized.  We go forward now, enriched by the graces of the Easter Season now past, and borne aloft on the wings of the Holy Spirit into the graced future ahead!

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