Sunday, October 19, 2014

Organ-izing Postulants and a Nun Run

Ever since our Postulant Sarah became novice Sister Veronica Mary, Phoenix has been our one and only postulant.  That is until last Wednesday on the feast of the great contemplative St. Teresa of Avila, Cecilia graduated from the aspirancy and received the black postulant veil.  It is very nice indeed to have a matching set of postulants.  Phoenix and Cecilia also share a great love for the piano and they are both learning to transfer their piano skills into a flowing legato touch destined for organ playing at our liturgies.  Here they are pictured beside our novitiate keyboard.  Each has her own unique style of playing.  Phoenix sits sedately on the bench playing mostly from her photographic memory so that I am often accompanied in my computer work by a medley of musical pieces both classical and modern.  Cecilia, on the other hand sits hunched in an attitude of attack, absorbed in the musical score before her.

At the investiture of Sister Veronica, the whole novitiate participated in the celebrations.  While Sister Angelique and Sister Miriam Rose decorated the common room, Phoenix and Cecilia decorated Sister Veronica’s cell door.

This warning sign was posted on the novitiate library door which was the scene of remote preparations.  When the bell rang for our midnight prayers, Cecilia taped the prepared decorations to Sister’s door so that they would greet her upon her rising in the morning.

These consisted of some appropriate pictures, especially meaningful quotations from Sacred Scripture along with a poem by her favorite poet, Gerald Manley Hopkins.

 There was also a floral display at the cell entrance.  Contrary to popular belief, talents are put to good and constant use in the cloister!

Over the weekend we hosted a “nun run”, girls and young women from the Virginia Beach area discerning their vocations to religious life.  They first visited the Nashville Dominicans who have a mission in Hampton and then came up to spend a day and night with us.  Pray for these earnest young people that they may have the grace and courage to discover and follow the Lord’s leading in their lives.


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I'm so happy for you dear sisters, as tour novitiate is growing! many blessings from France to all of you