Sunday, July 12, 2015

Fireworks, 2015 A Poor Clare Fourth of July

The Poor Clares of Barhamsville are very patriotic!  Throughout the year we pray daily for our beloved country, rejoicing in her great heritage, her good people and natural beauty.  At the same time we grieve for every injustice done and every freedom misused.

Our traditional observances for the Fourth of July are:  to have a picnic recreation (Poor Clare terminology for the rare times we speak at our common meal instead of the usual silent listening to a Sister read while we eat), to sing all the verses of our patriotic songs (the last verses often are very God-centered), and to set off fireworks in our courtyard.  Here are some photos of our sparkling:

 Sister Angelique and Postulant Cecilia dance with their sparklers.

Sister Veronica and Sister Jean-Colette show off theirs.

Our immigrant Sisters love America too! 

As the youngest and fleetest among us, Postulant Cecilia was commissioned to light the fuse.  Here she is running from the about to explode firework! 
Good job, Cecilia!

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