Sunday, November 29, 2015

It was the week before Holy Man, and all through the monastery…

Novice Sister Veronica sews curtains for Holy Man

So, who or what is “Holy Man”?  Yes, “Holy Man” is both a who and a what.  When a Poor Clare speaks of “Holy Man”, she is referring to the person and/or the feast day of St. Nicholas, the holy giver of gifts to all good children.  At Bethlehem Monastery in Barhamsville, St. Nicholas usually arrives on his donkey (not a sleigh pulled by reindeer, mind you) on his liturgical feast, December 6th, but since this year his day falls on Sunday, he is scheduled to come one day earlier.
We have all written our letters to Holy Man, each of us asking for three gifts for ourselves, making suggestions as to what he could give to our Sisters and offering to help out as needed. These letters were then reviewed by the chief “Holy Man helpers”, otherwise known as Mother Abbess and Mother Vicaress, who organized and arranged for other “helpers” to make all reasonable requests, plus various surprises, into real time realities.
And so, “It was the week before Holy Man, and all through the monastery Sisters are working on their Holy Man projects:  curtains for the library, new tunics and veils for Sisters, books bound, benches varnished, cleaning supplies purchased, to name just a few.
At the beginning of the Advent season, when we prepare to celebrate the greatest gift of God to us, the Incarnation of His Beloved Son, we ourselves exercise our creative abilities to give of ourselves to one another.  Blessed Season of Grace to all!

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