Sunday, December 6, 2015

St. Nicholas delayed

My left over cold medicines!
One of the consequences of cloistered life is that we are not only shielded from unwanted worldly distractions, but also from undesirable biological germs.  This blessed condition creates a strengthening of the spirit, but at the same time a certain weakening of the immune system.  And so, when a cold or flu “bug” manages to invade the enclosure, we are particularly vulnerable.  Two weeks ago, an unnamed Monsignor from an unnamed nearby parish put us all on the alert as he entered our sanctuary with a suspicious cough and gravelly voice.  It was inevitable.  After the four day incubation period, we began to fall victim to various manifestations of the plague.  I succumbed early on, but fought bravely with the weapons of modern medications and extra sleep.  I, for one, remember the days before cold medications and I continually offered prayers of thanksgiving for such things that allow me to breathe through the crises.
We were all on our feet by Friday, the well having taken care of the ill, but then one of our elders did not appear for morning prayer and it was reported she was down with a particularly bad form of “the bug”.  So Mother Abbess had to call St. Nicholas to reschedule his visit for next week.  Those of his helpers who were not quite finished with their projects got a reprieve, and all of us still have the anticipation of our gifts to keep us going until “Holy Man” finally arrives.  Sister was seen at Mass this morning, so there is hope!  Pray for her and the rest of us, that no one else becomes afflicted.
Meanwhile, we also anticipate the opening of the Year of Mercy, proclaimed by our Holy Father.  May we all entrust ourselves to God’s merciful love that was manifested in an extraordinary way in the Immaculate Conception of His Mother.  Blessed Advent journey to all!

St. Nicholas guards the room where his gifts are.

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Emily C. Hurt said...

Said a prayer for the good health of all of you, Sisters!