Sunday, January 10, 2016

Baptism of the Lord

The feast of the Baptism of the Lord is a transitional day, being both the ending of the Christmas Season and the beginning of Ordinary Time.  Our sanctuary, which last week was richly decorated with Christmas trees and crèche, is now sparsely ornamented with not quite so fresh poinsettias.  When these fade, others are waiting in the wings of the sacristy to replace them.  Like Jesus, fully grown, baptized and anointed for His mission, we go forth into the New Year, ready for its challenges and its joys.

Our long awaited greenhouse, gift to our Mother Abbess from her family in honor of her Silver Jubilee, was finally constructed.  It was delivered in large boxes about a month ago, but had to sit out in the torrential rains of December until we could obtain manpower to put it together.  It was certainly a relief to see it suffered no ill effects from the delay.  Some fine details still have to be worked out, like getting electrical power, and leveling out the ground “floor”, but we are on our way to a major improvement for our gardening endeavors!

Our Aspirant Kathryn entered on Friday in the presence of her large family and gathering of friends.  She is making her way through the monastery, generally in the company of her “Dear Mistress” Margaret Mary or one of her novitiate companions, with that special look of puzzled amazement reserved for newly born monastics.  We all smile discretely, remembering our own first “daze”!
Stored poinsettias.
 In the window, you can just barely see Aspirant Kathryn with her little white veil blowing in the wind.

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