Sunday, May 22, 2016

Holy Trinity Sunday

“Charitas Dei diffusa est in cordibus nostris”:  The Love of God has been diffused in our hearts we sang in our entrance chant this morning on this beautiful feast of the Most Holy Trinity and our own Golden Jubilarian’s nameday.  How lovely to be named for love!
Each Sister who has a jubilee is given the opportunity to design her remembrance card.  Most need some help from their more artistic Sisters.  But since Sister Charitas is numbered among the artistic, she was able to do the designing herself.  Yet, a remembrance card, like most other aspects of Poor Clare life, is a community affair.  There is paper to cut, computer graphic programs to be run, printing to be done and finally stuffing envelopes for the unskilled but generous Sisters willing to help.

Pictured above is Sister Charitas’ card.  The triangle represents the Most Holy Trinity.  In the center is the Sacred Heart her Bridegroom of fifty years, who is also the center of her own heart and life.

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Terry Amabile said...

What a beautiful card. Thank you for sharing God's love!