Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Novitiate Photo

It is good to be back on-line and to receive such encouragement!  This is our most recent photo of our current novitiate group and it is already outdated!  One postulant has become a novice since this was taken and the aspirant in the front now sports a black veil with her postulant companions.  But everyone is here (for the moment, that is--2 more are on the way)
So, from left to right, starting at the back row:
Junior Professed Sister Veronica Mary and Sister Angelique, Novices Sister Chiara Marie and Sister Laetitia.
Middle row:  Postulants Mary Elizabeth, Phoenix, Mary, Cheyenne (now Sister Faustina) and Casey.
Front and center:  Aspirant Jean, now a full fledged Postulant

Pray for all these earnest young people and for us elders who work to feed, clothe, house and educate them in the way of holiness taught us by St. Francis and St. Clare!


Anonymous said...

Dear sisters
what wonderful news and so lovely to see our prayers being answered.
May God shower you and your families with many graces and blessings during Lent.
Thank you for your gift of offerings on our behalf,I know my life is blessed because of them

Rhea said...
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Rhea said...

So many blessing for all of the ladies! Please pass blessings along to Sister Chaira Marie please! I have greatly missed your updates and I am thankful to see how you are growing!

Janice Harder said...

Wow! What a group! We will pray for the grace of the religious vocation and perseverance for each and every one.

Anonymous said...

Absence makes the heart grow fonder! Thanks for the update - I’ve missed your news.

Anonymous said...

So lovely to see you are back in the blogging seat. Even across the pond (in the UK) your updates have been missed.

This may be asking too much.. but would your community ever consider putting up some vocation stories from these young ladies? I find them fascinating and so encouraging.

Blessings for this Lent!

Ester Regina said...

I will ask them. "Stay tuned" as they used to say on television.

Anonymous said...

So many blessing and so happy you are back with us again we have missed you!! God Bless all the Sisters and especially those finding the way.

Wishing all of you a Blessed Lent!!

Anonymous said...

“Peace and holy perseverance”, dear Sisters.

Maura said...

I am so happy to see how much God has blessed your community!

Anonymous said...