Monday, September 26, 2011

The Deeper Yes

Sun. 26th Week Year A
Mt. 21, 28-32
In Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus gives us a glimpse into the complexities of our spiritual lives. God asks one person to do something for Him and that one says no, but then thinks better of his response and goes and does what was asked. What is happening here? I would like to propose that deep within our hearts we have an ardent desire to say yes to God, for to do His will is the fulfillment of our being, the satisfaction of our every longing. But on the surface of our selves we are deceived by other desires and enticed by other ephemeral goods. We rebel, do our own will, receive some fleeting pleasure and then are left holding an empty bag. But our Heavenly Father is merciful and patient. He waits for us to give the yes that will make us truly happy. The sooner we do it the better! Better for us, better for those around us, better for the world! Here is a little poem that expresses this same thought:
The First Son
When you ask I say no
But then I go.
Why am I slow?
I do not know.
Ignoring my no,
Your trust you bestow,
Seeing below
My shameful show
That I want to go.

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