Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Fullness of God

Tues. 23rd Week Year 1
Col 2, 6-15

St. Paul exhorts us to live in Christ; walk with Him, be rooted in Him, built upon Him.  How many more ways could he say that Christ Jesus is our all?  In Him is the fullness of God and we ourselves enjoy this very fullness if we are one with Jesus, drawing our life from Him, having our every movement inspired by Him.  So why are we not always abounding in gratitude?  Why are we so often agitated and anxious?  Because we still seek to fill our God given empty space with something other than God.  Nothing and no one in this world can satisfy us since our hearts were made to hold the divinity.  But since the fall, we are radically turned from Him and seek to fill ourselves with the lovely things He has made that are meant to be simply signs of His love and foretastes of His joy.  When we do not find the perfect satisfaction we crave we complain or we franticly look for more.  Consecrated religious renounce this vicious cycle by their vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.  These vows proclaim that neither possessions, people nor power can fulfill them but only God.  Once they have the fullness of God in Jesus, these happy souls overflow with gratitude and then can turn to love nature, humanity and even themselves with a generous and free love.  They have the peace which the world cannot give and no one can take away.

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