Saturday, June 22, 2013


Today, Poor Clares celebrate what we call “Covenant Day”.  When St.Clare was alive, her monastery was in danger and she turned to our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament for help.  She heard a voice from the Sacred Host say, “I will always take care of you”.  So faithfully has He kept His covenant promise that we are here over 800 years later to tell the story!  Our Postulant Sarah recently wrote a poem called “Covenant” which I would like to share:

(From Bethany the people sniff the breeze and listen for the shatter of Denarii thrown away)

As a wedding day blooms with this new dawn
I hold again my yet unbroken jar
Of self-smell perfume
Facing my choice anew

Do I save, like a miser, my greatest gift to give?
Or do I anoint now
Grimy feet and the thirsty dust
With fragments of
And blood?

But do I ask, at this high hour?
When, from the cross, my Bridegroom gives
His fragrant heart
Poured out like
From a broken alabaster jar.

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