Saturday, June 29, 2013

Of Wrens and Turtles

  The other day I went to the tool shed to get out our tiller for the garden, and was startled to see a mess of pine needles perched on top of an upright shovel.  The handle of the shovel was braced against a very narrow shelf (just the width of a 2 by 4), making a slightly wider platform. “Who put that handful of mulch there?” was my first thought, swiftly followed by my second, “Why would anyone put that there?”. I called it a“mess”, yet it had a certain, strange cohesiveness to it.Cautiously I put out an exploring finger and gingerly touched the “mess”.  Phtt!  Out flew Momma Wren from the side of her home nest.  I had to peak around to the right to see her clever, tubular entrance. Isn't this so much like life?  A seemingly chaotic mess ends up having a lively purpose.

Yesterday, I decided to take a picture of the Wren’s nest to share.  Then, I thought to take a walk and what did I see but a turtle making a visit to our cemetery.  With fully outstretched neck and front legs,it looked for all the world as if it was lost in ecstatic prayer before the crucifix there.    
Good thing I had the camera!  Upon finishing my photographing,being a good Franciscan, I gently picked up Brother Turtle and brought him close to the pond.  However, my devotion stopped short of braving ticks, chiggers and snakes to go right up to the water.  So I put Turtle on the sloping ground and hoped he would get the idea. No sooner than I let him go than he scuttled off toward the pond faster than I had ever seen a turtle move.  

You just never know what adventures await a nun when she steps outside her monastery on Mt. St. Francis!

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