Sunday, July 13, 2014

Poor Clare Summer Gardening

Today’s Gospel of the Sower reminds me that it has been awhile since I have given any Garden Updates.  Our Poor Clare garden is in full summer swing, but I felt it more opportune to share about the flourishing of our Novitiate Sisters.  It has been a blessedly challenging time keeping up with both!  

So, to report:  we harvested a record number of asparagus spears and now the plants are beautifully lush and green.  I especially love to see them sparkling with dew in the early morning sun.  The beets did really well as did the spinach and kale.  The level of productivity of the summer squash has not come up to last year’s standards, while the green beans are producing vigorously.  Transplanting was almost a total disaster—better luck next year through better methodology!

Gardening was the basis for some of our Lord’s parables and is also an endless source of inspiration and prayer for us.  Here is a little poem from a little novitiate gardener:

 Flower Pot

I never was much to look at-
Nor am I still-
A chipped reject, little worthy of mention,
Save for the attention of a morning in Spring
When tool shed door groaned in on musty darkness,
And an earthy hand plucked me, moldy, forth,
Filled last Autumn’s emptiness with soil,
Pushed in a poignant seed-

Now you see
A glorious blossom-
Why look at me?

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