Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sister Marie Elise Solemn Profession Pictures

Here are some pictures from yesterday's Solemn Profession ceremony:

Sister Marie Elise
leads the entrance procession of the Sisters

Sister Marie Elise
prostrate under a pall while the congregation prays
the litany of the Saints.
This symbolized her death to her former life and her rising to a new life in Christ.
Bishop DiLorenzo
prays the Solemn Prayer of Consecration
over the newly professed Sister Marie Elise


catoupatch said...

Dear Sisters, I'm very happy for you. Even if I'm french, I regurlarly visit your blog, as well as those of PCPA of Tonopah, Dominican Nuns of Summit, and Passionist Nuns of Whitesville. But I have a question: Sister Elise has already professed solemn vows while she was invested in the Holy Habit in 2011? The integration process takes 6 years for the Dominican nuns and 9 years for the Passionist Nuns.
Many blessings from France

Ester Regina said...

When Sister Elise came to us, she was a finally professed sister from an active congregation. So, she was technically a "transfer sister". The formation process is different and shorter in this case from a woman coming straight from secular life.