Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunset Blue

Unlike many people, I do not have a favorite color, though in accordance with my choleric personality, I do tend to lean toward the warm tones of yellow, orange and red.  Dramatic sunsets that blaze with these fiery colors will invariably find me at a western window, or more likely outside enjoying God’s fine artistry.  But recently I had the joy of experiencing in a deeply moving way, what might be called a “cool” sunset.

The warmest color was yellow, and that just on the horizon.  No orange or red was to be seen.  Overhead and overwhelmingly was the most vibrant royal blue.  As my eyes searched its depths, finding at last, where it transcended itself into violet, I found my own self lifted beyond…

Here is a poem which attempts to capture that moment:

Only a little yellow ribbon light
Betrays the passing of the sun from sight.
Next, the merest thread of green transition
Teases the eye, daring recognition,
Then smiles and shyly fades from view,
Giving way to iridescent blue.

Indigo bordering on infinity,
Thrilling with uttermost intensity,
Lifts me irresistibly
Beyond the longest waves of light
And deepest violet hue
To zenith of supreme delight
In unimagined You.

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