Sunday, November 30, 2014

Worthy is the Lamb!

Blessed First Sunday of Advent which also happens to be the very last day of November!  During the last week of the liturgical year we have been daily fed at Holy Mass with readings from the book of Revelation.  Meditating on the song resounding around the throne of the Lamb, and echoed in the Introit for Christ the King [“Worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive glory and honor and power…”], I began to wonder how we could give God these gifts.  After all, does He not already have them with infinite abundance?  In prayer I saw that I give them to God when I at last renounce my aptitude for usurping them for myself.

Power Made Perfect

Worthy is he,
The Lamb who was slain,
To receive from me
Honor and reign,

Inglorious godhead
Furtively claimed,
Power gone dead,
And wisdom maimed.

I fling these foes
Beneath His feet,
That with my throes
His might complete.

During this Advent season, we will celebrate how Jesus emptied Himself, not clinging to the prerogatives of His Divinity, in order to become one of us.  Let us follow Him in humility so that He can raise us up to live with Him forever! 

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