Sunday, April 5, 2015

Rejoice and be Glad! Christ is Risen!


 We have just celebrated the Sacred Mystery of Salvation.  We relived, as it were, the Passion and Death of Our Savior and the institution of His Most Blessed Sacrament.  We met Him in the chamber of His Love, entering His wounded side to experience with Him the great longing of His mercy.  His arms, outstretched and nailed upon the Cross, invite us with an open embrace to gaze upon and penetrate the wounds of God made vulnerable to the love of man.  He looks from the Cross with pitying eyes on those who, absorbed in themselves and the smallness of their lives, succumb to depression and despair.  He calls out to us “Look, This is what you are worth to Me.”  When we rise above ourselves to the reality of God and enter into the Mystery of His Perfect Love we can truly know the joy of being called to a life of meaning and eternal happiness. 

     This Wondrous Good does not end with the Beloved’s Sacrifice on the Cross.  Even as we relive the days of Lent and the Sacred Triduum there is one reality we cannot forget.  The Risen Christ, God in all His Majesty, is truly present in the Eucharist.  He is there, and our adoration is offered before the highest reality that exists.  There is nothing greater, nothing more profound, nothing more perfect than Our God who gives Himself to us.  We abide in the Mystery in Faith, but we may be fully confident that an everlasting life of grace awaits us at the end of our earthly offering.  Have a Most Blessed Paschaltide.  This is the Day the Lord has promised, Let us Rejoice and be Glad, therefore, and never cease to sing out our Joy!  Alleluia! 

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