Sunday, April 12, 2015

Moving Easter Event

Today is the Octave Day of Easter, Mercy Sunday!  Spring has finally come to Virginia after a long and cold winter.  New life is flourishing in our monastery gardens and in our monastic souls.  The ever new Paschal joy resounds in all our songs and music.

Yesterday was an historic day for us as we replaced our original choir seating 

with a newly designed arrangement.  

Two of our benefactors were on hand to unscrew and transport the old to new locations while the movers brought in the new seats.  We now have room to expand and to accommodate those who are asking to join us.  Here are some pictures of the “moving event”.

Our friends, Jim and Joe, removing the old choir seating

Outside on our front lawn. Cherry trees in full bloom!

New seating being installed

Finished!  View from the 2nd floor


1 comment:

Emily C. Hurt said...

So happy for all of you! Thanks be to God!

Happy Easter, Alleluia, HE is Risen!

God Love all of you! (to quote Venerable Fulton Sheen)