Sunday, August 2, 2015

Only Too Much Is Enough!

 Franciscans know how to celebrate!  One day is not enough for a Silver Jubilee, so we always have three days.  Our eldest Sister, octogenarian Sister Mary Christine, who is most experienced in the art of celebration, was in charge of making Mother Abbess’ jubilee crowns and corsages.  If one rose was good on her first day crown, four roses were better!  Was it too much?  Maybe so…But as our celebrant for Mother’s second day jubilee Mass said in his homily: Jesus made too much wine at the wedding feast (120 gallons!).  He made too much bread and fish at the multiplication of the loves (12 baskets of leftovers!).  When He saved us, He shed every drop of His blood.  Theologians say that one drop would have been enough.  But God is not a theologian; God is love.  And for love, only too much is enough!

One of our community poets, inspired by Mother’s red rose, expressed her thought in this way:

Bridal Rose

O Red
O Sacred Heart
Too deep to speak
Yet you beat
So meek
My ear can hear
Inside, inside
You speak within
my poor and needy heart
Too deep, too deep for speaking words
But inside my eyes can see
And ears, they hear
You speaking unto me
So meek:
“My dear, my dear, come
And take my yoke
And I can teach
you, not so meek
To seek, to learn, discern
To see and hear me
In the Red”
Beloved Red
O Red Rose, O Red, You Bled
O Sacred Hart
You beat
Hearing certainly can hear
Seeing most assuredly can see You,

beating meekly inside me

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Anonymous said...

A Beautiful poem and Prayer !