Sunday, August 16, 2015

Summer Update

The crepe myrtle that line our road are almost finished their blooming.  Three times today I saw and heard the Canadian geese flying over Goddins pond, that body of water which borders our monastery grounds.  After our midnight prayers, it is now possible to open windows to catch the cool night breeze.  Spring planted beans and tomato plants are showing their age.  Mornings are drenched in dew and afternoons are not quite so hot.  It is amazing to note all these obvious signs of the dying summer, for it seems like just yesterday that we bade farewell to spring!  Since our summer months have mostly been spent in jubilation, the time has flown by while we were having fun.  On the other hand, the weeds in our vegetable garden have thrived on neglect as well as abundant rainfall.  With the help of weeding Sisters and the aid of a roto-tiller and line trimmer, we are gradually re-establishing our dominion over the earth—or at least over this little bit of earth that the Lord has given us to cultivate.

We also have taken the memories of Mother Abbess’ Silver Jubilee celebration and produced a video.  Here is the link for your enjoyment:  Mother's Jubilee

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