Sunday, March 27, 2016


Our Redbud Tree

The entrance chants for the Easter Octave are some of the most beautiful that the Church offers her children.  One Sister did a poetic study of  "Introduxit", sung on Easter Monday.  The following is the English translation of the Latin text and then Sister's poem inspired by that text.  Blessed Easter celebration to one and all!  Remember, we have 50 days!

The Lord has brought you into a land flowing with milk
and honey, alleluia:  so that
the law of the Lord always may be in your mouth,
alleluia, alleluia.
Ps. Give thanks to the Lord, and invoke his name:
announce among the nations
his deeds.

You have led me into a spacious land
that flows with milk
as from the breast.
Its very rocks, O Lord,
are honey-sweet
Whereon the manna comes to rest.

My lips you bathe
in everlasting love;
Candid law and goodly bread
are on my tongue.
Not enough for me to tell of who
you are and what you do-
these must be sung.

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