Sunday, March 6, 2016

Nun Run 2016

Nun Run 2016
From Left To Right:
Junior Professed Sister Mary Angelique
Novice Mistress Sister Margaret Mary
Reverend Mother Abbess Mary Therese
Aspirant (Now Postulant) Kathryn
Background: Nun Run Participants

Our Aspirant Kathryn (pictured above in the short white veil) is a veteran organizer of “Nun Runs” for our area.  But this year’s vocation discernment event was a new experience for her as she greeted the young ladies from inside the enclosure grille!  Women came from several local colleges, including Old Dominion University, Kathryn’s alma mater.  Needless to say, her former colleagues were thrilled to see her taking the next step along the vocation journey.  Last week, on the feast of St. Agnes of Prague, a contemporary and correspondent of our Mother St. Clare, Kathryn received the black postulant veil and became an official “Postulant”.  Stay tuned to see her new look!


Marie said...

Dear sisters
How lovely to see Kathryn
May God bless you with many vocations

Thank you for your yes to God on our behalf I for one are most grateful and know my days are blessed because of you all.

May I ask how Sarah is doing and she is in my prayers as I have followed her vocation journey .


Ester Regina said...

Sarah Golden is now our Sister Veronica Mary and she is doing well. God bless you!

Eddie Baird said...

Congratulations, that is wonderful

Anonymous said...

Dear Sisters
Am I right in thinking you now have three postulant's?
What a blessing from the Lord.
Praying you will have many more if it is God's will

God Bless you all

Ester Regina said...

No, we have 2 postulants right now. And two young women have made application. We will let you know when they arrive!