Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dedication Day Rainbow

Being daughters of St. Francis, that ardent lover of God and enthusiastic singer of God’s creation, Poor Clares are often about marveling at the wonders of nature.  So when I looked out of a window on my way to our evening recreation and saw a brilliant setting sun shining through a shower of rain, it was no surprise to me that I was greeted with the plea:  “Get your camera!  There’s a rainbow!”  I ran quickly to my cell to retrieve the camera, for a rainbow is a major photographic event.  This ancient sign of blessing and peace arched gracefully over our public chapel toward the east, becoming a double arch and then slowly faded as the sun sank lower in the western sky.  A few of our elder Sisters were not agile enough to make it to the window before the fading of the rainbow, so I transferred the pictures to a computer for their enjoyment.  Technology has its own wonders!  

We always love rainbows, but the day of this one’s appearance gave this particular rainbow a special significance; it was the twelfth anniversary of our church’s dedication.  God gave us a tender sign of His love and an encouragement to be in our turn a sign of His mercy in a dark and stormy world.

Sisters enjoying the Dedication Day Rainbow

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