Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mercy Sunday

Blessed Mercy Sunday!  Today Jesus appears to His disciples who had failed Him utterly during His time of trial, and yet He offers them His Mercy.  More than a simple greeting, He comes close to each of them, "breathes on them" in an intimate embrace of restored friendship and gives them the Holy Spirit in a joyful kiss of peace.  Then those disciples who have been forgiven and redeemed are sent out with the power to offer forgiveness to all the world.

Above is our Mercy Shrine that we have erected this day in our sanctuary.  Below is our Mercy Display in the narthex outside of our choir that greets us each day of this year dedicated to Mercy.

Now that we have completed the celebration of the Paschal Octave, our sights are set for our Sister Charitas' Golden Jubilee to take place on April 16!  Join us in anticipation and prayer!

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