Sunday, March 10, 2019

“Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return”.

We have seen more dust this week than what was applied to our foreheads on Ash Wednesday!  A few surprises were in store for us as the construction men continued destroying our overhang roof at the building site.  We braced ourselves for earthquake conditions, for the next thing on the schedule was concrete removal.  But then there was a delay…and could we move out of the kitchen instead?  When?  Tomorrow?  TOMORROW???? Well…maybe the day after?..

 You want to see Poor Clares move? 
Then there was the day we were told that a mistake had been made on the plans:  there was not enough room in the cell that is to be converted into a bathroom because Sister Chiara Marie’s cupboard in the next cell is in the wrong place.  Could she move out so that they can adjust her cupboard?  It just means tearing out the wall and cupboard, and putting it back together again.  When? You guessed it.  That evening her novitiate companions helped her move temporarily into the cell reserved for our applicant Marianna, due to enter in a couple of weeks (it’s the only cell left!).  What are Sisters for anyway?  Don’t worry, Sister Chiara Marie will be back in her own place by that time, we are assured!  Here is Sister’s cell in its present torn up state:

A few more:  

Demolition of the novitiate common room’s wall in preparation for expansion:

Present state of the kitchen.

Overhang roof gone! 

Concrete coming up this week, we hope!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us up to date on the construction, Sister. Are you still able to cook your meals?

In Christ,

Ester Regina said...

So far...It has been quiet this week, but next week will be a challenge!