Sunday, March 31, 2019

"You don't see this every day, do you?"

So did Kenny, our project manager question me as we watched this huge chunk of concrete being lifted out of our courtyard by an even bigger crane than we had last week.  “No,” I replied, “But I suppose you do.”  “Oh, no!  We usually have trucks that can come in…This is an UNIQUE project!”  It certainly is, for everyone concerned!
At Marianna’s first dinner with us, our thanksgiving prayers were accompanied by the music of saws ripping out door frames in the nearby kitchen area.  As they got louder, we increased our volume also.  O LORD, HEAR MY PRAYER!  AND LET MY CRY COME UNTO YOU!  MAY THEY REST IN PEACE!  AMEN!  (Laughter at the end.)  Actually, it was a pretty good introduction to the spirit of our community.  As the Angel Gabriel said to Mary, “With God, all things are possible”.  So far, Marianna has survived, so it looks like she just may have our same spirit.
Here are a few more destruction pictures:
Mini-Bulldozer did its work!

Smaller pieces were lifted in this basket

I did not believe they would get done "flying" the concrete in one day, but they did!  So now, at last we can start building.  Footings dug and reinforcement ready for the pouring of new concrete, God willing, this week!

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