Tuesday, April 2, 2013


A ray of rising sun
Escaped the mists of morning
To seek the Risen One
His sight with light adorning.

It caught and touched His eye,
Caressed His ruddy cheek,
But I, He would deny
This consolation seek.

For though we stood apart
He penetrated through
The prison of my heart
To press my essence new,

Where He alone could go
So I with Him would see
What He alone could know
That I with Him would be.

My Master taught me this:
That naming me was grace,
His everlasting kiss,
A most profound embrace.

Assenting now to ascending Son,
Beholding still, to His own I run.

Reflecting on today's Gospel of Mary Magdalene meeting the Risen Christ, a sister wondered why Jesus did not allow Mary to hold Him.  Perhaps it was that Jesus had already so penetrated into Mary’s heart to be with her in such a profound way that any physical embrace would not only be entirely superfluous, but even inhibiting.  No need for the sign when one has the reality! Not to say that the physical touch is bad, just not needed here.

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