Sunday, May 10, 2015

Aqua Sapientiae

Aqua Sapientiae

Aqua sapientiae
potavit eos,
alleluia:  firmabitur
in illis, et non
flectetur, alleluia:  et
exaltabit eos
in aeternum, alleluia,
Ps. Confitemini Domino, et invocate nomen eius:
annuntiate inter gentes opera eius


From the water of wisdom
he has given them to drink, alleluia:  it will be established
in them and will not
be changed, alleluia:  and
he will exalt them
forever, alleluia,
Ps. Confess to the Lord, and invoke his name:  announce among the nations
his deeds.

Poetic Meditation

I have been given the water
of wisdom to drink
That trickled first
from the temple’s broken side.
Well past are the fearsome days
of that temple’s upraising.
So now the waters grown strong
in me are rising.
Wave upon wave this stream
is ocean wide.
Over the flood God intones his song
And fountains
from the earth respond.
(from the Offertory: “The Lord intoned from heaven…and fountains of water appeared, alleluia”)

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