Sunday, May 31, 2015

Little Magnificat

If today were not Trinity Sunday, it would be the feast of the Visitation when our Lady sang her Magnificat to her cousin Elizabeth.  Come to think of it, she was also the first to experience in her life the most intimate workings of each of the Divine Persons upon her own little human person.  Here is a poem inspired by this mystery:

Little Magnificat

The God who is great above all things,
Gazed and was magnified in me.
My spirit breathes his exaltation
As each and every generation
Calls me wholly blessed.

For he who is mighty,
(And oh, how holy!)
Has done for me
the greatest thing:

He made my maiden lowliness
His lovely nest
For lowly rest.


Grace said...

I am thinking of becoming a Poor Clare! I live in Virginia and will go to the convent in Barhamsvile!! I am so excited! I hope to join as soon as I turn 18!!

Ester Regina said...

God bless you, Grace! Hope to see you soon :)

Ester Regina said...
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Grace said...

Thank You! I am so excited! I felt I had a calling when I turned 14.

Ester Regina said...

Be sure to tell Mother Abbess if you have not already contacted her!