Sunday, October 4, 2015

Celebrating the Solemnity of St. Francis

Today is the Solemnity of our Father and Founder St. Francis of Assisi!  We his daughters want to greet everyone in the manner he did, "May the Lord give you His peace".  Inspired by an antiphon we sing on this day from the Book of Sirach, one of our Sisters wrote a poem comparing St. Francis with a rainbow.  Here it is:

Francis Rainbow      
“…Like the rainbow appearing in the cloudy sky”(Sir. 50:7)
Rainbow-like in a cloudy sky,
Bent by the hand of God most high,
Sunlight kisses your falling rain,
Brightens bliss from misty pain.

The green of life He bids you throw
Into His yellow-orange glow
Until your blood-red droplets flow,

While gazing blue, you disappear,
Dissolved in lowly violet tears.

Made blind by Beauty, in God you see
The zenith of Humility.

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