Sunday, October 18, 2015

October at Barhamsville

Last week we had a bit of drama as one of our elders fainted during Holy Mass.  We called 911 and now she is at the hospital recovering from dehydration due to an intestinal bacteria.  How fragile we all are!  Truly, we know not the day nor the hour of our Lord's visitation, whether at the end of life or in sickness or some other trial.  It is part of our family spirit that whenever one of us needs hospitalization, we try to have a Sister with her to give her that tender loving care which is best given by a family member.  The nurses are great, of course, but they many patients that they must attend.  I am here now, taking my turn with our ailing Sister, and also taking advantage of the hospital's unlimited internet access, so can share with you a number of recent pictures:

View of our large courtyard, looking toward the choir
Autumn days bring bright skies free of humidity

Sunrise over the monastery
View taken from our vegetable field
Before the recent hurricane drenched us
we were still watering and early morning is the best time

Sweet Potatoes in the foreground and
2nd planting of Green Beans in the back
You can see the blooms of the Sweet Potatoes
that are related to morning glories
The Green Beans are producing abundantly!

On my way back, I spotted white veiled novice Sister Veronica.
She became a "2nd year novice" on Oct. 7th,
anniversary of her investiture last year.

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