Sunday, October 25, 2015

Good news

Yellow is our Sister Mary Agnes’ favorite color.  Since she has been the object of our loving concern and care these past two weeks, whenever I see anything yellow outside in the garden, I think of her.  This yellow dahlia I picked after photographing, and brought it to her infirmary room where she was taking a little rest after dinner.  I was rewarded with a cheery thanks and smile.  Sister Mary Agnes returned from her eight day hospital stay on Wednesday and we have been keeping careful watch over her by day and night, as she is not completely over the bacterial infection afflicting her.  The night I stayed with her she awakened me with the cry that she could not find her call bell.  I assured her that she was at home now and not at the hospital.  Other than that moment of confusion, she was very sharp.  Always a detail person, she was very clear about her personal arrangements.  The facecloth was to be hung on the towel rack, but the big towel was too big to dry well there, so needed to be put on the cart handle.  Her night habit goes on the GREEN hanger so that she can distinguish it from the day habits.  Her hearing aids should NOT touch each other in the charger.  Pretty good, if you ask me!  It is a joy to take care of her.  Showing love to the infirm is such a simple, straightforward affair.

The day after posting pictures of our beans and sweet potato rows, an early frost blackened the vines of both.  Since the sweet potato slips had been planted late, I feared we would have few potatoes, but low and behold!

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