Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Children of the Light

Tues. 22th Week Year 1

First Reading 1Thes. 5,1-6, 9-11

“You are not in the dark, brothers, so that the day might catch you off guard, like a thief.  No, all of you are children of light and of the day”.  There was a smile in the voice of the reader as she proclaimed these words of St. Paul during the pre-dawn hour of Lauds (Morning Prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours).  And there was an answering smile in the heart of the Poor Clare Sisters as they sat listening with their array of flashlights and other makeshift lighting arrangements in the dim monastic choir.  As God would have it, we would hear the same reading at Mass, this time in the half light of the dawning day.  One thing is certain, in these days after Hurricane Irene, when our artificial light has been cut down to about 40% capacity due to the limitations of our generator; and that light gives us a wavering effect not unlike a disco and very unlike a monastery, the coming of the day does not in any way catch us off guard!  We are alert and expectant and eager for the sun to rise!  We are truly children of the light and of the day.  And so should we be expecting the coming of the Rising Sun of Justice, the Divine Thief who will surprise those who are sleeping but not us who are awaiting Him.  Let us open the window of our mind and unlock the door of our heart so that He may enter swiftly and easily, not only at the end of time, not only at the end of our life, but at each moment of every day.

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