Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jesus Withdrew

Saturday, July 16, 2011
Matthew 12:14-21 (Jesus Withdrew)

Faced with the murderous antagonism of the Pharisees, Jesus withdrew from them. But He did not withdraw out of fear for his safety or because He was hurt by rejection. Rather, it was for the sake of His enemies that He took His leave. He knew that in their present state of mind, His presence would only aggravate them. So too, does He sometimes act with us. When He sees that He is a bit “too much” for us, He will withdraw His sensible presence until we are able to receive Him again. The bruised reed He will not break, nor quench the smoldering wick. Every good parent and superior knows that there is a time to admonish and a time to refrain. However, only a loving, discerning and patient heart is able to know that perfect timing. Let us ask Jesus to give us His wisdom and to trust His action and even more His seeming inaction in our lives.

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